Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel, please give me 24 hours notice. I will then be able to provide a refund or roll the payment over into a future lesson. Otherwise, you will be charged for that lesson time. Email or text are the best ways to get in touch with me.


Payment Policy:

Lessons are paid for by month, at the first lesson of the month. I accept cash, checks, and debit or credit cards.


Practice Policy:

It's always good to be prepared! Playing at least a little bit every day tends to be the best approach. (It's like learning a foreign language: speak a little every day.) I always provide students with a practice schedule and/or a list of tasks for the week and expect to hear those tasks at the next lesson. 

That being said, I do know that life can derail the best laid plans. Even if you feel unprepared, I'll always be glad to see you. Oftentimes, using a lesson as a guided practice session is the best thing for all of us. Breaking the ice on a new piece is much easier when we go it together - and it's also much more fun.

Last but not least, here are a few thoughts from my own experience as a student:

Preparation for lessons (by both teachers and students) is a fundamental sign of respect and trust. It also provides the necessary foundation for a creative, supportive, and (oftentimes) lifelong relationship. 

My own life was changed for the better by teachers who always held up their side of the "respect bargain" and inspired me to do the same. These wonderful people were not just music teachers: they were also nurse practitioners, scientists, artists, actors, and writers. Today I am honored and grateful to call these people my mentors, colleagues, and friends. 

I hope everyday to provide my students with the same atmosphere of trust and respect that I once received - and I hope that my students will reciprocate in kind.


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