New Time Ensemble

“New Time Ensemble is the product of a year long adventure in Ireland, while we were studying together at the University of Limerick. I met Leslie at the international student orientation, and by the end of the day, we had planned a road trip for that weekend, becoming fast friends. Fred and I had the chance to perform together early on, and we laughed through all of our rehearsals. Kay Vickers, our original fiddler, and I started arranging together during our first ensemble class and hit it off. This band has emerged out of our friendship and our shared passion for innovative traditional music. We are thrilled that we get to continue to play music together on this side of the sea and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy creating it!”

– Liz Davis Maxfield


Simultaneously traditional and innovative, New Time Ensemble weaves an articulate tapestry from the rugged threads of Irish dance tunes. New Time Ensemble recorded their debut album at the Irish World Academy of Music in 2010 and has since toured Europe and the United States.

Formed in Ireland while its members pursued advanced music degrees at the University of Limerick, New Time Ensemble emerged from a shared passion for animating tunes in new ways.

Cellist Liz Davis Maxfield, a graduate of Berklee College of Music and a Fulbright grantee, notes that NTE’s instrumentation sets it apart. “There really aren’t any cellos in the Irish tradition, but we have adapted the genre to the instrument, which allows us to create new and beautiful sounds.”

While completing a master’s degree in classical flute from New York University, Leslie Anne Harrison began bridging the classical and traditional worlds. “NTE gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge of both genres and try to create something really unique,” says Leslie.

Guitarist and singer Frédéric Pouille, who hails from France and holds a PhD in Neuroscience, contributes an unconventional, world music-informed accompaniment as well as finger picking melodies.

“New Time” suggests giving old melodies fresh legs in a new era. Audiences in Europe and America have welcomed the sound and seem to agree that New Time Ensemble comes just in time.