Omni Fluting

Welcome to Omni Fluting!

As the word omni implies, my goal is to learn, create, experiment with, and perform as many types of music as I can - all on flute(s). I hope that I'll not only push the boundaries of my own abilities, but also challenge what I think the flute should be doing.

The idea started to germinate when I once watched a fiddler play a great set of Irish session tunes, then switch to a Paganini solo, then back to a beautiful Eastern European folk song. It was gorgeous, not to mention impressive, and her selection of music represented a vast array of styles, cultures, and techniques. But most importantly, where I would have been switching back and forth between different flutes, she played all of those pieces on the same instrument. 

There is much thinking and research to be done about the flute's place within the musical traditions of the world, and my own thoughts are still being formulated. However, just from my own observations, it sometimes seems that there are many, many different flutes - and all are used for different types of music. There are Chinese flutes, Indian flutes, Native American flutes, Japanese flutes, Irish flutes, the classical flute.

If we, as flutists, are interested in learning all music, do we also learn all the flutes? If so, when do we play which? Or do we learn how to play all of the music on one flute, replicating the different styles as best we can? How far can we go while still respecting tradition? What is the right thing to do? These are some of the questions I'll be asking myself during this project.

I'm having a great time so far, and I would be delighted if you'd join me. All videos will be posted to my Omni Fluting playlist on youtube. While I hope that you'll listen, I also hope that you'll feel free to suggest music, to push the boundaries alongside me, and to share in my delight as we discover the many voices of the flute.