"In my search for a flute teacher, I struggled for months to find someone that I could not only learn from but also connect with. I drove 40 minutes each way to see Leslie every week and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Her undying love for music never failed to impress me; she is the perfect model of dedication to her craft. It didn't matter if I came to her in a terrible mood, struggling to get through a single measure of a seemingly impossible piece, or if I came to her wanting to spend the hour playing duets and simply appreciating the beauty of music together, she was always more than willing to aid me in every way possible. She's understanding, friendly, compassionate, and just generally fun to be around. She radiates positivity and love and genuinely wants nothing more than the happiness of her students."

-Cassidy Leroux


"We found Leslie Anne when my high school daughter was looking for a different flute teacher to help her look at music as a career, college choices, and all that goes with being a professional. I wanted someone whose musicianship and professionalism would inspire my daughter. She wanted a teacher who could teach her more about technical and style issues in playing while being a positive model and teacher. We were blessed that Leslie Anne also teaches Irish flute and could expand Elisabeth's musical horizon to learn by listening and repeating as well as notes on a page. It's been a delightful experience!! Leslie Anne is a wonderful mentor, teacher, and musician. We are blessed to know her."

-Michael Richardson

“Leslie is a breathtaking musician and teacher with a vast knowledge of every genre and style. She never ceases to amaze me with her creative yet practical solution to every musical challenge and never fails to inspire me. Each lesson with her is like a master class. The distance of seven time zones (Skyping in from Ireland) surely speaks for itself.”

-Deirdre Copse


“I have been fortunate beyond measure to have the instruction and inspiration of Leslie Anne Harrison. She is a truly knowledegable, thoughtful, patient and very encouraging teacher. ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’ (Albert Einstein) Einstein never met Leslie, but he was talking about her.”

-Michael Craine, Ph.D.

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